Mazda RX7 Import Car Insurance


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If you’re the proud owner of an imported Mazda RX7, you’ll want to consider all available options when comparing quotes for insuring this imported Japanese sports car, either the coupé or convertible. The rotary Wankel-engined Mazda RX7 has over the years appeared as many models, limited editions and engine configurations, including the Mazda RX7 Turbo. When considering Japanese imported car insurance, this is where QuoteRack can offer you the opportunity to submit your insurance details to specialist UK-based insurance brokers who are experts in arranging cover for imported cars such as the Mazda RX7.

With limited numbers of Mazda RX7’s available through Mazda’s UK dealer network, it is not surprising that the car became popular with companies and individuals who were prepared to import Japanese-sourced versions direct, avoiding the Mazda dealers’ restrictions. These personal imports require specialist knowledge and access to underwriting insurance schemes if Mazda RX7 owners are going to find competitive insurance quotes for their cars.

How much does it cost to insure an imported Mazda RX7?

With production of the RX7 finishing in 2002, the car is on course to become a potential classic, with all the advantages that a classic car insurance policy offers. Until then, Mazda RX7 owners can avail themselves of low-cost insurance when relevant underwriting conditions are met. Your age, the value of the car, the mileage you are likely to cover each year, these are all factors that an insurer will take into consideration before arriving at an insurance premium for covering your RX7. Similarly, where the car is kept overnight, if it is garaged, any additional vehicle security system or tracker if fitted – your insurance quote for your Mazda RX7 will take all of these into account.

How to insure your Mazda RX7

Getting quote for your Japanese imported Mazda RX7 is very straightforward - simply click the ‘GET A QUOTE’ button and enter your details and those of your RX7 on QuoteRack’s Quotation Request Form. These will be sent directly from QuoteRack to our specialist insurance brokers who will contact you as quickly as they can to discuss your individual insurance requirements and hopefully to offer you with competitive quote for your imported Mazda RX7 insurance.


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