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The last of Mazda’s rotary Wankel-engined cars, the Mazda RX8 was unusual in being a 4 seater sports coupé (or saloon, depending upon your view) with 4 doors – all squeezed into a compact, low-slung sports car.

With not the greatest reputation for reliability or oil consumption, the Mazda RX8 has surprisingly endured as a petrol-head’s choice for personal import from Japan. A quick look online will reveal a number of Japan-based dealers offering all models of RX8 for export to the US and UK.

While there is still a strong market for these quirky imported Japanese cars, for RX8 owners the challenge of finding competitive Japanese imported car insurance is where QuoteRack might be able to help. We partner with FCA-registered insurance brokers who specialise in a wide range of niche insurance products – including insuring Japanese import cars such as the Mazda RX8.

How much does it cost to insure an imported Mazda RX7?

With the Mazda RX8 now out of production for so long, OEM parts and body panels are in short supply and while the availability of aftermarket alternatives makes life easier, repairing and replacing damaged RX8’s is not ideal. For insurers, this situation is compounded when an RX8 is a grey import from Japan – the car may look the same as a UK-sourced vehicle but there might be small differences, sufficient to reduce the number of insurance companies prepared to offer cover for Japanese-sourced Mazda RX8’s. In a reduced insurance market, as an RX8 owner you need all the help you can get and QuoteRack offers you the opportunity to submit your details online to our expert insurance brokers, who specialise in providing cover for imported Japanese cars like the Mazda RX8.

How to insure your Mazda RX8

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