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One of the more popular imported Japanese cars, the Mitsubishi FTO offers a sleek, front-engine, front wheel driven sports coupé. Such was its popularity with self-importers that Mitsubishi eventually agreed to import the car through its dealer network, just before the Mitsubishi FTO was discontinued from production in 2000.

With most imported FTO’s having the V6 engine option, this was not a lightweight 2+2 tourer but a genuinely impressive and reasonably rapid sports car. Easy to see why, with imported models offering excellent value for money, UK fans of imported Japanese cars found the Mitsubishi FTO such an attractive proposition.

Insuring your Mitsubishi FTO import shouldn’t represent too much of a problem, depending upon its specification and your own age and individual circumstances. If the car has been modified by you or a previous owner, this might make getting an insurance quote slightly more interesting, but fortunately QuoteRack can assist you.

How Expensive is insuring a Mitsubishi FTO?

Designed as a 2+2 sports coupé, the Mitsubishi FTO will inevitably be more expensive to insure than a standard hatchback. However, there are UK-based insurance brokers who specialise in arranging insurance quotes for imported Japanese cars and have delegated schemes that cater for cars such as the FTO.

Through QuoteRack, you have access to brokers like these and they will talk you through the best options for insuring your car, as well as offering insurance quotes for your Mitsubishi FTO.

How to Insure Your Mitsubishi FTO

All you need to do is click the ‘GET A QUOTE’ button and submit details of yourself and your Mitsubishi FTO. Our specialist insurance brokers will receive your details directly from QuoteRack and contact you whenever you have indicated. Of course, there’s no cost or obligation involved to get a quote, and you’ll be able to talk through your individual insurance needs with an insurance professional who can help you to insure your Mitsubishi FTO.


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