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The Mitsubishi GTO is the Japanese ‘grey import’ version of Mitsubishi’s 3000GT sports coupé. It came in a variety of guises, including an all-wheel drive option, a twin turbo version and a variety of limited editions.

As a bit of a beast, and with a distinctive and stylish design, it is no wonder that the Mitsubishi GTO has been popular with enthusiasts of Japanese imported cars since the car went into production in 1990. Sold as the Mitsubishi GTO in Japan, the same car was sold through Mitsubishi dealers as the 3000GT in the UK and as the Dodge Stealth in the USA.

Arguably it started the trend for Japanese muscle cars, with well appointed interiors and with technology that was considered ahead of its time.

Mitsubishi GTO’s also became popular with owners who saw them as the basis for extensive modifications, engine upgrades, turbo mods and many more options. Consequently, for a UK insurer being asked for an insurance quote for a Mitsubishi GTO, there are considerable areas where the specification of the GTO might differ from its original spec.

How Expensive is insuring a Mitsubishi GTO?

With a high likelihood that your Mitsubishi GTO has been modified either by you or by a previous owner, insurers will be wary of offering insurance quotes for what might be a relatively higher risk than a standard specification, UK- produced car. That said, QuoteRack can help you to find insurance quotes for your GTO from insurance brokers who can offer you specialist insurance schemes dedicated to insuring imported Japanese cars like the Mitsubishi GTO.

How to Insure Your Mitsubishi GTO

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