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Few imported SUV’s have been around as long as the Mitsubishi Pajero. Since 1982, this large 4x4 SUV has been in continuous production in Japan and exported around the world in huge numbers. With bulletproof construction, a wide range of engines and envious off-road capabilities, the Mitsubishi Pajero has become a go-to solution for a wide range of uses in all sorts of terrains.

With such large numbers available from specialist importers of Japanese cars, you should have no problem finding an imported Mitsubishi Pajero that fits your needs and your budget. Despite their popularity, it is surprising that finding a cheap insurance for your imported Mitsubishi Pajero might not be quite as straightforward as insuring a Mitsubishi that has been imported via its dealer network. A ‘grey import’ Mitsubishi Pajero will have been manufactured to Japanese car industry construction standards and will not necessarily meet the same standards required within the UK. An insurance company prepared to offer an insurance quote for an imported ‘grey’ Mitsubishi Pajero will be aware of these potential differences and the possible lack of original (OEM) parts required to effect any required repairs.

How Expensive is insuring a Mitsubishi Pajero?

Comparing insurance quotes for your imported Mitsubishi Pajero requires a little more research than insuring a UK-manufactured vehicle. It’s a large SUV with a complex drivetrain and parts might not be readily available in the event of a damage claim. So Mitsubishi Pajero insurance will be on a par with other large imported 4x4 SUV’s – not necessarily prohibitively expensive but also far from being the cheapest grey import car insurance you can find. Through its network of UK insurance brokers, QuoteRack can help you find the right price for your Mitsubishi Pajero insurance.

How to Insure Your Mitsubishi Pajero

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