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Truly a one-off, the Japanese Nissan Figaro had a very short production run during 1991 and in very limited numbers, making it a potentially appreciating asset - not bad for a small, Nissan Micra-based convertible. With its retro, 1950’s styling, the Nissan Figaro is as quirky as it is fun, and often turns heads.

Sourcing an imported Nissan Figaro, at least one that is in reasonable condition and a good spec, might require a lot of trawling through website listings of companies that specialise in importing these Japanese cars. Once you have found the right Nissan Figaro for you, if not before, you need to consider how best to insure this ‘grey import’ car. Because the Nissan Figaro platform and running gear is based on the Nissan Micra, many parts will be readily available. Owing to its diminutive size, the Nissan Figaro is unlikely to be a daily driver and is more likely to benefit from a limited mileage, almost ‘classic car’ restricted insurance policy.

How Expensive is insuring a Nissan Figaro?

Depending upon the value of your Nissan Figaro, how many miles you are likely to cover each year, as well as the usual insurance rating factors such as age and driving experience of the drivers, insuring your imported Nissan Figaro might not be quite as expensive as other grey import cars. QuoteRack can assist you with finding insurance for your imported Nissan Figaro, by sending your details to our network of FCA-regulated, UK-based insurance brokers, some of whom specialise in offering insurance schemes for imported Japanese cars.

How to Insure Your Nissan Figaro

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