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The Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Twin Turbo is one of those cars more likely to be familiar to those ‘in the know’ about imported Japanese cars. Based on the standard Subaru Legacy 4-door family estate, the B4 Twin Turbo offers a level of performance far above the standard car. The Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Twin Turbo was never imported into the UK by Subaru and wasn’t available through its main dealer network, so is only available these days as a true “grey import car”, brought to the UK by individuals and companies that specialise in importing Japanese cars.

These all-wheel-drive cars are powered by twin-scroll turbos, pushing the flat-four ‘boxer’ engine’s horsepower onto an entirely more entertaining level. Also known as the Subaru Legacy GT Spec B, the estate represents a true ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

As with many imported Japanese cars, the Subaru Legacy B4 lends itself to enthusiastic modification, including chipping the ECU to boost even more BHP from the turbos. These cars are a relatively rare sight on UK roads but they can be found for sale on specialist websites that cater for Japanese imported cars.

When it comes to insuring a Subaru Legacy B4 RSK, Spec B or any configuration thereof, owners will find their best option is to seek the advice and expertise of specialist insurance brokers who know the insurance market for imported Japanese cars – and this is where QuoteRack can help you.

How Expensive is insuring a Subaru Legacy B4 Twin Turbo

Subaru Legacy B4 Twin Turbo-owners are unlikely to find these cars listed on those ‘usual suspects’ car insurance websites which offer quotes from multiple insurance brokers and insurers at the click of a button. Such is the lot of the owner of an imported Japanese car, or estate. However, comparing insurance quotes for your Subaru Legacy B4 Twin Turbo can begin online. QuoteRack works closely with some highly experienced and knowledgeable insurance brokers who are familiar with the Japanese imported car insurance market and who have access to insurance schemes, negotiated with insurers, enabling them to offer the cheapest insurance quotes for cars such as the Subaru Legacy B4 Twin Turbo.

How to Insure Your Subaru Legacy B4 Twin Turbo

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