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Originally a derivative of the Toyota Celica, the Japan-built Toyota Supra came into its own in the mid-1980’s as a larger, faster and more expensive sports coupé. Hugely popular around the world, the Toyota Supra has always been in demand in the UK as a Japanese import and there is a ready supply of these cars from specialist importers of Japanese sports cars.

With its turbocharged petrol engines and aggressive looks, the Toyota Supra has featured in films such as The Fast and The Furious, as well as various video games. This global attention has led to a market for modified versions of the car, for use in drag racing, drifting and as enthusiasts’ show cars.

Insuring a Toyota Supra therefore becomes more of a challenge for those models that have been modified, as well as the usual considerations when insuring any Japanese grey import car. The availability of spare parts, or at least OEM parts, is also a potential hurdle to be overcome in the event of an insurance claim or mechanical failure.

How Expensive is insuring a Toyota Supra?

With any number of Japanese imported Toyota Supras available in the UK having already been modified, comparing insurance quotes for these cars will probably come from a fairly limited pool of insurance companies and brokers.

Most insurers will not be in the market for insuring Japanese import cars generally, far less high performance and modified cars of indeterminate history. Fortunately, QuoteRack has valuable connections with insurance brokers who specialise in providing insurance quotes for Japanese imports such as your Toyota Supra.

How to Insure Your Toyota Supra

Comparing insurance quotes for your imported Toyota Supra through QuoteRack is very straightforward and you can find out how much premiums are likely to cost. Simply click the ‘GET A QUOTE’ button and enter your details online to submit them to our specialist insurance brokers, who will receive your details directly from the QuoteRack website. They will contact you by phone as soon as convenient for you. You’re under no obligation to proceed with any insurance quote offered, and you’ll be able to talk through your insurance options with an insurance broker expert who will be happy to discuss how best to insure your Japanese imported Toyota Supra.


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