Unoccupied Office Premises Insurance


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Whether you are seeking insurance for an unoccupied office within a block, or the entire office block is vacant, you may have found cover more difficult to come by than when you were insuring the office when it was in normal daily use.

If you are the landlord for an entire office block and only part of the building is unoccupied, you may find that your existing insurance policy can be extended to provide cover for the unoccupied offices.

If the entire office block is empty and not in use on a regular basis, and it is likely to be left empty for a period of more than 30 days, then you will be looking for cover specifically aimed at unoccupied office premises.

There are various considerations that an insurer will take into account when considering whether to offer quotes for empty office buildings. These include the availability of on-site security staff and/or systems, the need to maintain a constant water supply for water sprinkler systems, and whether there is a maintained fire, burglar and CCTV system in place. The availability of any of these will be good news for insurers and will help you to insure your vacant office property.

How Expensive is Insuring Empty Offices?

Insuring an empty office block will require you to consider the implications, not just the overall cost, of having an unoccupied property and the resulting need to keep an eye on the condition of the office building on a regular basis. The provision of insurance cover might depend upon this, as well as the cutting of the office’s water and gas supplies, to keep the potential risk of fire, explosion and flooding to the minimum. These factors will help to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible.

How to Insure Your Unoccupied Office Building

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