Unoccupied Shop Insurance


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Once your shop or retail unit becomes unoccupied and is left empty for any period over 30 days, your existing shop insurance policy is unlikely to offer the kind of cover for problems that your shop is now potentially exposed to.

Burst pipes, flood, fire, break-ins and even lightning are all possible causes of damage to the empty property and especially so if, as landlord or property manager, you are not routinely and regularly returning to the vacant shop premises to check for signs of damage of whatever kind, including vandalism and deterioration in the overall condition of the shop.

For these and other reasons, finding competitive insurance quotes for unoccupied business premises is far more difficult than for shops in regular, daily use. Insurers will often shy away from offering cover for vacant retail properties unless the landlord gives an undertaking to monitor the condition of the shop on a regular basis.

How Expensive is Insuring an Empty Shop?

The cost of insuring an empty shop will be higher than if the shop was occupied and in regular use.

As the shop’s owner or landlord, you are likely to find insurance underwriters will place a number of restrictions on the extent of cover they are prepared to offer for unoccupied retail shops. You will also find that you will be required to visit the shop regularly to check that all is in order.

The number of insurers offering cover for unoccupied retail properties is more restricted and knowing which insurers might offer insurance quotes is a skill that requires the experience of expert insurance brokers. QuoteRack can help you with this.

How to Insure Your Unoccupied Retail Unit

Comparing insurance quotes for your vacant shop unit through QuoteRack is very straightforward and you can find out how much premiums are likely to cost. Simply hit the ‘GET A QUOTE’ button and submit your details online to submit them to our specialist insurance brokers, who will receive your details directly from the QuoteRack website. They will contact you by phone as soon as convenient for you. You’re under no obligation to proceed with any insurance quote offered, and you’ll be able to talk through your insurance options with an insurance broker expert who will be happy to discuss how best to insure your unoccupied shop or retail property.


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