Custom Car Insurance

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Specialist insurance for custom cars and hot rods

If you own a custom car or even a hot rod such as a Model T Ford, then you will no doubt have come across the difficulties many owners have in comparing custom car insurance. Whether you've built your own custom car from the axles up, or if you've bought one ready-customised, the majority of insurance companies will invariably decline to offer you a quote for your custom car. This is, however, where QuoteRack can help you.

We work closely with a number of specialist UK insurance brokers and for custom car insurance quotes, we can submit your specific insurance requirements instantly to brokers who understand the custom car market, who are familiar with the modifications you will have made and who will be able to offer you a quote with the minimum of fuss.

"Finding a suitable car in the first place was difficult, they don't make Model T Ford's any more. A couple of years later and my custom car looks terrific, complete with a Chevrolet V8 hemi, custom, hand-stitched leather interior and an amazing paint job. You try insuring that through an online aggregator website!"

QuoteRack's partner insurance brokers are specialists and understand the difficulty for custom car owners in finding suitable car insurance and will do their best to find you a competitive custom car insurance quote.


"It's not like on Pimp my Ride at all - designing and building my own custom car has been a real labour of love, as well as costing a fortune. Many thousands of pounds later and my custom car is ready to show."

"The car is laid up for most of the year, does very few miles and yet because it needs to be road legal to get to the various custom car shows, it needs proper custom car insurance cover."

Custom Car Insurance