Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers


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How to insure a car driven by a disabled driver

Disabled drivers face specific issues relating to arranging car insurance and finding an insurance specialist who understands these issues can make the difference to obtaining the best disabled driver car insurance quote for the cover you need. For Blue Badge holders, QuoteRack enables you to get a competitive Disabled driver car insurance quote here.

Who qualifies for disabled driver car insurance?

If you fall into one of the following categories, you could benefit from a disabled driver car insurance scheme:

  • Parents of disabled children
  • Carers of a disabled person or child
  • Family members of a disabled person or child
  • A disabled driver who has a carer

QuoteRack offers insurance quotes to members of Disabled Motoring UK

Car insurance for Blue Badge holders

Depending upon your level of disability, if you hold a Local Authority parking scheme 'Blue Badge', you may be eligible for specialist cover under a specific disabled driver car insurance scheme.

Car insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles

Insurance is available for modified cars that have been specially adapted for disabled drivers, including modifications such as:

  • Accelerator and brake hand controls
  • Adapted controls
  • Adapted handbrake
  • Joysticks
  • Ramps
  • Steering wheel modifications
  • Tail lifts
  • Tiller controls
  • Wheelchair hoists
  • Wheelchair storage
  • Winches

Car insurance for a disabled driver's carer

If you are a disabled person's carer and you need to drive their vehicle, we can also help with carer's car insurance cover too. Similarly, if you are the parent and/or carer of a disabled child, you could also qualify for disabled driver car insurance.

How do I get a quote for disabled driver car insurance?

In most cases of a disabled person requiring an insurance quote, any driving licence restrictions will also need to be disclosed at the quotation stage and some insurers may ask for a medical report confirming suitability to drive as well.

However, obtaining an insurance quote through QuoteRack allows you to deal directly with insurance brokers who specialise in and are familiar with the requirements of a specialist disabled driver insurance scheme.

Disabled Driver Car Insurance - FAQ's

Can I insure an adapted vehicle?

In most cases, a vehicle that has been adapted for use by a disabled person can be insured under a disabled driver insurance policy.

Can my carer driver my car?

Depending upon your carer's age, driving experience and the type of car to be insured, in most cases your carer can be added to your disabled driver insurance policy.

How much is a disabled driver insurance policy?

As with any car insurance policy, this depends on your individual case and the factors that will affect your disabled driver car insurance quote, such as your age, location, where you leave your car during day and night and your driving experience, as well as the value of the vehicle.

How can QuoteRack help with disabled driver car insurance?

QuoteRack partners with expert insurance brokers that specialise in providing quotes for disabled driver car insurance. You can submit your details directly to these insurance brokers, who will contact you and discuss your car insurance requirements without cost or obligation.

You may also be interested to see other QuoteRack categories such as existing medical condition life insurance and mobility scooter insurance .

Driving with a disability

A video showing how to drive a car with hand controls.


"As a disabled driver driving an adapted car means that many insurance companies won't offer a quote because the car is considered to be non-standard. Add to this any driving licence restrictions you might have and obtaining a car insurance quote as a disabled driver can present problems"

"Car insurance quotes for disabled drivers are available quickly and simply through QuoteRack - submit your details to compare quotes for your car insurance today."

Disabled Driver Car Insurance