Electric Car & 'EV' Insurance

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How much does it cost to insure an electric vehicle?

Saving the planet doesn't need to cost the earth - owning, driving and insuring an electric car or 'EV' (electric vehicle) typically compares favourably with a similar petrol or diesel model equivalent car or van. UK insurance companies are becoming increasingly aware that EV's are here to stay and have begun to offer competitive insurance quotes for electric cars.

"Insurance cover for electric cars and vans is becoming cheaper as more EV's are becoming available to the motoring public."

Is it more expensive to insure an electric vehicle?

Electric cars and vans may appear to be constructed more simply than their petrol or diesel counterparts, but the reality is that they usually require more sophisticated design, engineering and parts - making them at least as expensive to repair as 'normal' cars.

So insurance companies have sometimes offered more expensive insurance premiums for electric vehicles - but this is changing. As electric cars become more widely owned and as insurers look to encourage ownership of these EV's, insurance quotes for electric cars are gradually becoming cheaper.

Electric vehicle insurance is available through QuoteRack - we have access to insurance brokers who specialise in providing insurance policies specifically for electric vehicle drivers .

How can I compare quotes for electric car insurance?

The good news is that getting a quote for an electric car is exactly the same process as for a more conventional car. Although prices might be slightly higher, insurers of these EV's still offer quotes and terms in a similar way as normal car insurance.

To get a quote for an electric vehicle, simply click the 'Get a Quote' button and complete the online form. QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will receive your details and contact you with their quotes - it is a simple and straightforward process without any obligation, leaving you free to compare quotes for your electric car or van.

Electric Vehicle - Charging Information

You can download the Office for Low Emission Vehicles document Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme here.

Thinking of installing an electric car homecharge point? The Renewable Energy Consumer Code provides An introduction to Electric Vehicle home chargepoints here.

Where can I charge my Electric Vehicle?

You can find your nearest public EV charging point using the excellent Zap Map.


"Electric vehicle insurance is not always available from some insurance brokers - QuoteRack can put you in touch with brokers who specialise in this type of EV insurance."

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Electric Car (EV) Insurance