Car Insurance for Ex-Company Car Drivers

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Introductory NCB for ex-company car drivers

Accumulating years of no claims discounts can significantly improve your chance of getting a cheaper car insurance quote. Unfortunately, accruing these bonuses on a company car will not carry over once you leave your company car insurance policy. This is even worse for those who have used a company car for their entire driving life, whose no-claims bonus will be non-existent.

Why use car insurance for ex-company car drivers?

No claims discounts can reduce the cost of your insurance quote; in fact, recent data suggests that you could end up saving, on average, 24% of what you originally paid after five years of no claims. Some insurers may offer up to a 70% discount.

Specialist ex-company car insurance providers can work with those who have recently left their employer’s car scheme and provide them with an introductory no-claims bonus.

Am I eligible for ex-company car insurance?

You may be eligible for car insurance for ex-company car drivers if you fit some of the following criteria:

  • You have opted out of your employer's company car scheme
  • You have your own vehicle
  • Your current or former employer can supply written evidence that you drove a company car
  • You have not had any at-fault claims in the previous 3 years
  • You do not have a no-claims bonus

How can I get my co-claims bonus after driving a company car?

Some insurance providers may ask for proof of your no-claims bonus whilst driving the company car; you should provide:

  • You were the sole driver of the company car
  • Details of any accidents or claims
  • The dates when you were driving the company car
  • The company car's registration details

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my no claims bonus if I use a company car?

Your no-claims bonus will be eligible for two years if you stop driving; this also includes moving over to a company car policy. If you can obtain proof of your no-claims bonus whilst driving your company car, many insurers will allow you to retain your previous NCB. Please check this with your chosen insurance provider.

What if I am receiving a car allowance in lieu of a company car?

If your employer is paying you a car allowance after you have opted out of their company car insurance scheme, you will need to insure your own car in your own name. Depending upon the use of your own car, you may still be able to obtain car insurance for an ex-company car driver.

What if I have had previous accidents, claims or convictions?

A record of previous claims, even if they were not your fault, can affect your eligibility for the cheapest ex-company car driver insurance. If you have an unfortunate driving record, please see our car insurance after previous accidents or convictions page for further details.

Is car insurance for former company car drivers expensive?

As with any insurance policy, this depends on your individual case and the factors that will affect your ex-company car insurance quote, such as your age, location, where you leave your car during day and night and your driving experience, as well as the value of the vehicle.

There are, however, ways that you can obtain cheaper insurance for ex-company car drivers, such as:

  • Choosing a car in a lower insurance group
  • Restricting your annual mileage
  • Adding an older, more experienced driver to the policy
  • Restricting the use and number of drivers of the vehicle
  • Increase your insurance policy excess
  • Install a telematics 'black box' that monitors how the car is being driven
  • Install a dash cam
  • Garage the car overnight
  • Fit a tracking device to the car
  • Pay your insurance premium annually

How can QuoteRack help?

QuoteRack will pass your ex-company car insurance requirements to specialist insurance brokers who will be able to offer you competitive quotes and relevant advice on how to achieve the right cover for your car.

How do I get a quote for ex-company car insurance?

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"Several insurance companies will offer an introductory no claims bonus for former company car drivers - a lack of your own no claims bonus proof is not necessarily a disadvantage"

"Ask your current or former employer for a letter that confirms you were a company car driver, the periods you had access to a company car and that no claims were reported"

Ex Company Car Driver Insurance