Ex-Company Car Driver Insurance

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Car insurance for ex-company car drivers

Ex-company car drivers who have left their employer's car scheme and perhaps taken a car allowance to enable them to buy and run their own car will also need to consider the implications of requiring car insurance, but without the advantage of having any no claims bonus to reduce their car insurance premium.

QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers are able to offer former company car drivers who are in this situation the opportunity to obtain an introductory no claims bonus, which will go some way to reducing their car insurance premiums and to give them some 'credit' for often many years' company car driving experience.

"The benefits-in-kind company car tax situation has now got to the stage where there is minimal financial advantage in having a company car - so I took the car allowance option and then realised that, despite having driven without accident or incident for over 10 years, from an insurance point of view, I had no previous insurance or NCB"

So if you are a former company car driver and you are looking to insure a car in your own name for the first time, QuoteRack's brokers can offer help and advice on how best to obtain car insurance for ex-company car drivers.

Ex-Company Car Insurance - resources

HMRC Company Car Tax Rules

It may not make for happy reading, but you'd be wise to consider the tax implications of running a company car

What Car - Company Car Tax Calculator

Simply select your company car and What Car's online tax calculator will tell you what your tax liability is for your own company car


"I was offered a variety of ex-company car insurance quotes from various insurance brokers - having come from the safety of a company car scheme, where the insurance and everything else was taken care of, I was glad to receive the appropriate advice."

"Having driven company cars for many years, it came as a real surprise to find that my lack of no claims bonus counted against me - I had nothing to show how good a driver I had been"

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