Family Fleet Multi-Car Insurance

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Insuring 2 - 5 family-owned cars on one policy

You can save time and money by insuring all of your family-owned cars on one family fleet car insurance policy. This type of cover is flexible and will allow your family's cars to be insured as you want, with different types of cover on different cars, different drivers on each car and so on. Importantly, each car owner will continue to earn their own no claims discount.

"To qualify for family fleet car insurance, all cars must be owned and registered at the same family address."

Family fleet insurance is available to owners of cars where the registered address of the cars and drivers is the same for all vehicles on the policy.

"You don't need to insure all vehicles at the same time, you can start the family fleet insurance policy with one car and then add further cars as their insurance policies fall due for renewal"

Insuring your family's cars on one insurance policy will give you a common renewal date for the family fleet policy. This makes life simpler for the whole family and also hopefully cheaper than insuring each car separately. Family fleet insurance is available now through QuoteRack.

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Family Fleet Insurance
2 - 5 Vehicles

"Different types of cover, different drivers, different types of car - a family fleet car insurance policy can be as flexible as you require"

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Family Fleet Car Insurance