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What's the best way to insure your expensive car?

Whether you own a super car, sports car, luxury car, classic car or just a car over £50,000, finding an insurer who is willing to provide a quote for high value car insurance can be a daunting task. Furthermore, the quotes you are likely to receive will often be very expensive, often making owning the car unaffordable. It is crucial to find a luxury car insurance company who is not only willing to provide a quote at a reasonable price, but also one that is able to offer the appropriate cover, should the worst arise. Fortunately, QuoteRack has access to specialist high value car insurance companies who can provide a high value car insurance quote that meets your needs.

Why use high value car insurance?

Luxury cars are often difficult and expensive to insure, for a variety of reasons such as:

Price: The most obvious issue is the price of the vehicle, making it an unattractive proposition should the insurance company need to replace the car

Parts: The cost of replacement parts for high-end, high value cars and the complexity of their design will usually increase the cost of repairing high value cars

Speed: Most luxury, super or sports cars will also be high performance vehicles, with large engine sizes. This presents a heightened risk to insurance providers

Rarity: Many rare, luxury classic cars can be impossible to replace, greatly increasing the cost of insurance

Modifications: Many high value cars, such as Porsches, are commonly altered with factory-fitted modifications, such as performance boosters or larger alloys, these can create a greater insurance risk

Theft: Luxury cars, by their nature, are more likely to be at risk of theft, especially if your car is left at an expensive home, also at a higher risk of theft.

Car insurance groups explained

To make it easier for insurers to offer quotes at speed, they put car makes and models into categories, or groups. Cars are assigned a number from 1-50, 1 being amongst the cheapest cars to insure with 50 being the most expensive and difficult. The groups can be seen below, with common cars that would fall into the various groups:

Please note that this is only a very rough guide, as individual models, specifications and years of manufacture all affect the insurance group of a particular car.

A full list list of cars in the top group can be found here. Want to know which group your car falls into? Try this tool.

It is important to note that, the price of your vehicle alone will not influence your quote, details such as your age, driving experience, accident history and area can be as much, if not more influential on the quote you might receive.

What is considered to be a high value car?

Generally, high value car insurance is a good pick for anyone whose vehicle is valued over £50,000. However, common cars we see enquiring for high value car insurance quotes include:

Frequently asked questions

I am a young driver with a high-value car, can I get insured?

Age is one of the biggest factors insurers will take into account before offering a quote; this is usually due to the lack of driving experience of the driver. This, coupled with an expensive car, can make for an expensive quote. Unfortunately, many insurers offering high value vehicle insurance may not be able to help if you’re young. However, If you do find yourself lucky enough to be driving an expensive car at a young age (under 25) please visit our young driver high performance car page.

Is high value car insurance expensive?

As with any insurance policy, this depends upon your individual circumstances. Your personal and business use of the car will play a part in your insurance quote, as will as your age, location, where you leave your car during day and night and your driving experience, as well as the value of the vehicle. Obviously, car insurance for expensive cars will always be more costly than for a lower group or value car.

There are, however, ways that you can obtain cheaper insurance for expensive cars, such as:

  • Choosing a car in a lower insurance group
  • Limiting your annual mileage
  • Adding an older, more experienced driver to the policy
  • Restricting the use and number of drivers of the vehicle
  • Increase your insurance policy excess
  • Install a telematics 'black box' that monitors how the car is being driven
  • Install a dash cam
  • Garage the car overnight
  • Fit a tracking device to the car
  • Pay your insurance premium annually

How can QuoteRack help?

QuoteRack will pass your prestige car insurance requirements to specialist insurance brokers who will be able to offer you competitive quotes and relevant advice on how to achieve the right cover for your car.

How do I get a quote for high value car insurance?

If you have explored other avenues of enquiry in your search for luxury car insurance quotes, then you are welcome to submit your details through the QuoteRack website, without cost or obligation to proceed when you receive your insurance quote. Simply 'click for a quote' and we will do the rest.


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