Insuring an Imported Car

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'Grey' import car insurance

If you own or drive an imported Japanese car then QuoteRack enables you to compare import car insurance quotes from insurance brokers who specialise in 'grey import car insurance'. We will send your details instantly to brokers who will understand why you have found it difficult to insure your car because it has previously been imported from Japan.

Important update for imported vehicle owners - details of the new scheme introduced by VOSA called the 'Individual Vehicle Approval Scheme' - is now available to download.

Imported car insurance relates to a used car that has been individually imported from Japan, USA or Europe without going through the established main dealer network and therefore not normally available in the UK - this is often referred to as a grey import; a personal import car is a new or used car or bike that is normally available in the UK but has been individually imported from overseas without going through the normal manufacturer's import process. Because of the unusual nature of these imported vehicles, most insurance companies are unable or unwilling to provide insurance for imported cars. Fortunately, QuoteRack enables owners of 'grey' or personal import cars to get specialist quotes for their imported vehicle insurance from brokers who understand each insurance companies particular requirements when it comes to insuring this type of imported car.

"I researched the whole Japanese grey import process for ages, including the insurance angle, before selecting the right car, the right dealer and the right insurance - QuoteRack was able to put me in touch with several grey import insurance specialists. I got a great deal."

There are some manufacturers and individual models of car that are favourites for importing from Japan. These include Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota and Honda.

There are specialist car importers who make all necessary import arrangements, including liaising with the exporters in the car's country of origin and who deal with the relevant HMRC VAT and car import duty, plus import and DVLA paperwork.

If you own an imported car and you are looking to insure it, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your details online.


"My Subaru RSK is one of very few in the UK - and a QuoteRack broker still got me a Japanese import car insurance quote less than my previous car."

"I saved a lot of money personally importing my Toyota and despite what everyone says, the main dealers will service it. The car insurance was sorted out easily, even though it's a parallel import you wouldn't know it was anything other than a normal car insurance policy."

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