Impounded Car or Van Insurance


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Has your car been impounded by the Police for no tax or insurance?

If your car or van has been towed away for no tax or no insurance, you need specialist impound car insurance in order to get your seized car released from the police car pound. Not all insurers will offer you cover for your seized vehicle, but certain, specialist brokers are able to provide insurance cover sufficient to recover your impounded car.

Barney says: 'If your car has been seized by the Police for no tax, no insurance, being parked illegally or being driven dangerously or by someone without a driving licence, it will be taken to one of the Car Tax Enforcement DVLA Pounds. To get it released, you will need to show your driving licence, the car's V5 and MOT documents and proof of insurance. You can also expect to pay between £100 and £200 to release the car if you collect it within 24 hours of it being seized. Beyond that period, you may have to pay daily storage fees of around £20 per day.'

My car has been seized by the Police - how do I get it back?

If your car has been seized for no tax, then clearly you will need to get it taxed before you take the steps necessary to get it back.

You need access to specialist impounded car insurance cover if you have just had your car seized by the Police, to enable you to get the car released from the compound. If your car has been towed away by the Police, perhaps following a stop for 'no insurance' or 'no tax', immediate insurance cover is available for the car - even after it has been impounded. Before you can reclaim your car back, you will need to show insurance cover is in force for your impounded car for a minimum of 30 days.

The impound insurance you need to get your car released

QuoteRack works with expert insurance brokers who specialise in providing immediate short-term impounded car and van insurance, enabling you to get the cover you need to get your car back.

Many insurance companies will not provide the insurance cover required to release your impounded car or van. To get a quote, simply complete the online proposal form and your details will be sent immediately to a specialist insurance broker who will contact you to discuss your impounded car insurance quote.

Impounded car insurance - resources

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"Impounded car and van insurance cover is available to drivers aged 21+ on a short-term basis or as an annual policy."

"You need access to specialist impounded car insurance cover quickly - fill in your details and an FCA-registered insurance broker will be in touch."