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Insuring a car or van converted to run on LPG

While converting your car or van to run on LPG or 'Liquefied Petroleum Gas' continues to make sound financial sense, as well as the one-off cost of LPG conversion, you will also need to take into account the potential impact on your LPG conversion car insurance premium.

"The cost of the LPG conversion was about £1500 and taking into account my annual mileage, I reckon I will recoup the cost of the conversion in about 18 months - after that, my motoring costs will come down hugely with LPG currently available locally for 59p/litre as opposed to over £1.20/litre for normal unleaded fuel."

Through our association with a specialist insurance broker who has an LPG converted vehicle insurance scheme and over 25 years' LPG insurance industry experience, QuoteRack is able to offer owners of LPG converted cars and vans the very best quotes for their LPG-powered car or van insurance.

"LPG vehicles are possibly exempt from congestion charges in London saving around £8-£10 per day"

Our expert QuoteRack insurance brokers are specialists in insuring LPG-converted vehicles and have access to highly competitive insurance schemes for these cars and vans - they will do their best to find you a competitive LPG conversion car insurance quote.

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"A lot of insurers won't insure older cars that have been converted to run on LPG as there are potential issues with the quality of the conversion work carried out on the vehicle"

"Modern LPG conversions are now carried out to EU-approved standards offering cheaper motoring than running on petrol, as well as environmental benefits"

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