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Insuring a left-hand drive car

Left hand drive cars are known by a variety of affectionate names, including left-hookers, but just because they have the steering wheel on the wrong side, left hand drive cars can represent a challenge when it comes to arranging insurance. Fortunately, QuoteRack users have access to a selection of insurance brokers who know the best place to find competitive left hand drive car insurance for most types of vehicle.

"My Beetle was left hand drive, split-screen, a real gem - insuring it through QuoteRack was a pleasure."

By their nature, it is likely that LHD cars will have been imported into the UK at some point, although some cars are only available in LHD form, such as the Fiat Barchetta. Insuring a left hand drive car therefore requires the specialised knowledge from expert insurance brokers.

You can compare left hand drive insurance quotes for your car from our specialist brokers by completing a simple online form.

All LHD vehicles are covered, regardless of their origin, value or condition. Competitive insurance quotes for left-hookers are readily available - you have found the best place to get a quote. You may also be interested in insurance for American cars or grey import car insurance.


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"My LHD car only comes out on high days and holidays - I needed a broker who understood that and I found several through QuoteRack."

Left Hand Drive Car Insurance