Using No Claims Bonus on Second Vehicles

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'Mirror' your NCB on another car or van

Are you considering the benefits of insuring another car with the no claims bonus on your existing car? The good news is that you don't necessarily have to transfer your valuable no claims bonus from one car to another - there may be another way... It is sometimes known in the insurance industry as a "mirrored no claims discount" and it means that for car or van drivers who have earned no claims bonus (or "NCB"), on their insurance policy for one vehicle, under certain conditions they have the option to use that NCB on a second car or a second van.

"This is not the same as transferring your no claims bonus from one vehicle to another - with a mirrored NCB, you effectively enjoy the discount on both vehicles at the same time"

How to use your NCB on another car

QuoteRack will submit your details to our partner insurance brokers who specialise in providing a second car no claims bonus and they will ask you for the details of your existing insurance policy, to see whether you are eligible to receive an equivalent mirrored no claims discount on a second car/van.

Do I keep one renewal date?

Typically, your insurer will add the second car to your existing car's insurance policy, meaning that you will keep the renewal date of the policy for the first car, even though it will cover both cars.

However, you might want to insure a car for which your existing insurer's quote might not be the cheapest. In these circumstances, it might work out cheaper to insure the second car separately, with a different insurer, and perhaps obtain an introductory discount based on your driving record.

Is it cheaper?

Each policyholder's circumstances are different, so there's no guarantee that mirroring your no claims discount will work out significantly cheaper - but it's definitely worth asking the question.

There are some restrictions, including the requirement that the policyholder must be aged over 21, all vehicles will only be used for private use and registered at the same address, but otherwise the use of a mirror no claims discount is very straightforward and may save you a significant amount when it comes to insuring a second car.


"Claiming an existing no claims discount on a second car or a second van will require you to provide evidence of the no claims discount on your original vehicle"

"Now you can enjoy the advantage of having no claims bonus on more than one vehicle at the same time, removing the need to transfer your NCB from one car to another"

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