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Insuring your Noble through specialist insurance brokers

For owners of Noble sports cars, including the Noble M10, the Noble M12, the Noble M14 and Noble M15, it can be a challenge to find competitive Noble car insurance quotes from mainstream insurance websites. QuoteRack enables owners of the Noble marque to submit their car insurance requirements to insurance brokers who specialise in providing cover for these and similarly rare 'supercars'.

"Most insurance websites are unable to offer insurance quotes online for the Noble - a specialist insurance broker who understands the insurance requirements of a Noble car owner is an alternative way of finding a reasonable insurance quote"

The cost of insuring a Noble might surprise you - some insurers will offer discounts dependent upon the use of the car, the likely annual mileage, if and where the car is garaged, the level of security fitted to the car, as well as the usual considerations of age and driving experience. Often insured as second cars, Noble cars with a very limited mileage might not be as expensive to insure as you expect.

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"The Noble M10 handles beautifully, it is a joy to own and to drive - the insurance is looked after by a sports car-specialist broker"

"Insuring a car like the Noble M12 was very straightforward - the insurance broker was able to offer quotes from a handful of insurers"

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