Quotes for Over 50's Car Insurance

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Car insurance for the over 50's

There are some advantages to being aged over 50 and one of these is that car insurance for the over 50's often works out cheaper than when you were younger.

"I was advised that my car insurance renewal premium would drop next year, when I turned 50, which can't be bad. I will shop around for some cheaper 'mature driver' car insurance quotes."

From an insurance perspective, as a mature driver you are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident, which is great news because it means that you become eligible for mature driver discounts from your car insurance premium.

It pays to shop around for quotes for 50's car insurance as there are wide variations in the amount of discount that you might receive. Your car insurance policy may also be restricted to named drivers, each of whom must be aged 50+.


"I am sure I have become a safer driver as I have got older - experience counts for a lot and I am delighted that my car insurance quote reflects that I am now aged 50"

"Most mature drivers will benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums when they are aged over 50."

Over 50's Car Insurance