Over 50s Health Insurance

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Why over 50's health insurance?

If you're reading this, you've probably achieved the ripe old age of 50 and are seeking private health insurance for the over 50's. You probably don't consider yourself to be any more or less of a health risk than you did when you were 49, but many insurance companies who offer health insurance for the over 50's might take a different view.

If you're aged over 50, taking out private medical insurance is just as valid now as when you were younger, if not more so. As with any private health insurance plan, the benefits are clear:

  • Quick and easy referral to medical specialists
  • Avoidance of NHS queues
  • Immediate access to treatment
  • Choice of top consultants and medical experts.
  • Choice of private hospitals
  • Your own room while in hospital, usually ensuite
  • Easier access for your visitors
  • Acess to the latest treatments and drugs not available on the NHS

Is over 50 health insurance expensive?

It is an unavoidable fact that as we get older, our risk of illness increases. Consequently, as you pass this milestone you will usually find that your over 50 health insurance premiums become more expensive, and will continue to rise as you get older.

All is not lost, however, as QuoteRack offers you access to specialist UK-based, FCA-authorised insurance brokers who specialise in health insurance for the over 50's.

In many cases, savings can be made by shopping around and before you decide, you should compare over 50's health insurance plans from a range of insurance providers.

Which private health insurers offer cover to over 50's?

The names of many private health insurance companies will be familiar to you, some less so, including:

  • Aviva
  • BUPA
  • Saga
  • Western Provident Association (WPA)
  • Vitality

The availability of quotes for over 50 health insurance from any of these insurers to someone aged over 50 will depend upon the individual's personal health circumstances.

What does over 50's health insurance cover?

Different health insurance companies offer policies with varying types of cover, but in general, your health insurance plan will usually include cover for:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Tests and diagnostics
  • Hospital accommodation and care
  • Consultants' fees
  • Exclusive drugs

What isn't covered under private health insurance?

Again, this will depend upon your individual circumstances but in general, the following are often excluded from an over 50 health insurance policy:

Over 50's health insurance - FAQ's

Does health insurance become more expensive as I get older?

While your over 50 car insurance gets cheaper as you get older, your health insurance becomes more expensive. Talking to an expert in over 50 private health insurance would be sensible and enable you to make an informed decision about which private medical insurance scheme was best for you.

What if I have an existing medical condition?

Most private health insurance policies will exclude cover in respect of an existing health condition. However, some might be willing to consider cover for previous or current health issues - this will depend upon your personal circumstances being individually underwritten by the private medical insurance company.

How can I reduce my health insurance premiums?

Health insurance for the over 50's isn't cheap, so if there are ways that you can reduce your monthly premiums, you may want to consider the following:

  • Agree to an excess on your policy, whereby you pay an initial amount towards your treatment
  • Restrict the number of hospitals from which you can select one for treatment
  • Restrict cover for outpatient costs
  • Agree to NHS treatment for certain conditions within a defined period, usually 6 weeks
  • Remain with one health insurer who offer a no-claims discount from your premiums

How can QuoteRack help with over 50 health insurance?

As you get older, arranging health insurance gets progressively more difficult, as the number of health insurance companies who offer private medical insurance for the over 50's begins to drop. So if you are aged 50+, aged 55+, aged 60+ or seeking seeking health insurance after retirement, QuoteRack can help you find the PMI quotes you require to make a choice.


"As you get older and towards middle age, you know that the likelihood of needing medical attention will increase, so it makes sense to consider taking out private medical insurance before you reach retirement."

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