Car Insurance for Professional Footballers

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Car insurance for professional footballers, including Premier League, Championship and SPL

Arranging car insurance for professional footballers takes time and expert knowledge, as well as having access to specialist insurance underwriting facilities for these professional sportsmen.

Whether you play in the Premier League, the England Football League or the Scottish Premier League, as a professional football player your car insurance requirements are likely to be specialised and will often include high group, high value cars and additional drivers, frequently young and inexperienced in driving these types of cars.

"The combination of young professional footballers, expensive cars and inexperienced additional drivers is a recipe for very high insurance premiums. Most insurers will not offer insurance quotes for professional footballers, but fortunately QuoteRack has access to this very limited market"

QuoteRack offers professional players and their agents or representatives the opportunity to obtain insurance quotes for their car insurance quickly and discreetly. Completing the simple online Quotation Request form will send your details directly and immediately to a specialist insurance intermediary who will contact you directly to discuss and arrange insurance cover as you require.

Regardless of your circumstances, QuoteRack will be pleased to provide you with competitive quotes for professional footballer car insurance without obligation.

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"As a professional football player I have several cars to insure, plus my girlfriend is an additional driver and she also has her own car. I need to be able to arrange insurance cover for all vehicles with the minimum of fuss"

"The total value of a professional football players various cars can be extremely high. Add to this the fact that by their job, most footballers are young and so finding quotes for players to insure their cars can be very tricky"

Professional Footballer Car Insurance