Sportsmen Car Insurance

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Car insurance for professional, amateur and
disabled sportsmen and women

Obtaining competitive car insurance quotes for sportsmen and sportswomen potentially drops you into a non-standard insurance category. Professional sportsman car insurance, as well as amateur sportsmen car insurance is a relatively specialist area of car insurance, as is disabled sportsmen car insurance.

"As a disabled athlete looking for car insurance quotes, I had previously struggled to obtain quotes for my car. I am grateful to QuoteRack for putting me in touch with an insurance broker who specialises in car insurance for disabled sportsmen and women."

Car insurance for professional athletes, golfers, tennis players, darts players and other professional sports are all available through QuoteRack. Likewise, amateur sportsmen and athletes who have encountered difficulty obtaining car insurance because of their amateur or semi-professional status are offered special car insurance terms from our specialist car insurance partners.


"I am a professional golfer at a private golf club and the club provides me with a sign-written car - as a professional sportsman, finding suitable car insurance had previously taken a lot of explaining to a number of insurance brokers."

"Taking part in amateur athletics tournaments around the country, my car insurance needed to cover this type of use. Finally, I have found an insurance broker who understands my insurance requirements."

Professional Sportsman Car Insurance