Takeaway Delivery Driver Car Insurance


Barney the Owl

Do you use your car for takeaway and fast food deliveries?

If you are using your own car to deliver fast food takeaway orders, perhaps on a part-time delivery basis on weekends and evenings, then you need to make sure that you have proper fast food delivery driver car insurance. And QuoteRack can help you with food delivery insurance.

"Fast food or delivery driver car insurance is a specific type of 'hire or reward car insurance' - your standard car insurance policy will not normally cover you for delivering hot food from takeaway restaurants to their customers"

Can I insure my own car for Deliveroo, Just Eat and Ubereats deliveries?

Food delivery car insurance is available through QuoteRack - we have access to insurance brokers who specialise in providing insurance policies specifically for takeaway food courier drivers where the takeaway restaurant expects you to use - and insure - your own car.

Food delivery insurance during the Covid pandemic

Indian restaurant takeaways, Chinese restaurant takeaways, pizza delivery, as well as food delivery from pubs and other restaurants during the current Covid lockdowns in certain tiers - these are all examples of car useage that requires food delivery car insurance.

Is fast food delivery driver car insurance expensive?

Insuring your own car for hire or reward will usually cost more than a standard car insurance policy. This is because there is the potential for driving while under time pressure to deliver takeaways quickly and frequently during hours of darkness.

However, not insuring your delivery car correctly could be much more costly - if you are involved in an accident or stopped by the Police while using your car to deliver takeaway food, you could have your car seized for not having the correct car insurance cover for your fast food courier job.


"Fast food delivery driver car insurance is not normally available from many insurance brokers - QuoteRack can put you in touch with brokers who specialise in this type of courier car insurance."

"To get a quote for your takeaway driver car insurance cover, click the 'Get a Quote' button above and complete the brief online form - our brokers will be in touch with you shortly."