High Risk Occupation Life Insurance


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High Risk Jobs and Life Insurance

High risk occupation life insurance requires the attention, knowledge and experience of specialists in providing life insurance for high risk jobs. It is probably self-evident to suggest that office workers are statistically less likely to be seriously injured or killed at work than builders, roofers, scaffolders, offshore workers or firefighters. It is unlikely that having a high-risk occupation would universally exclude you from obtaining life insurance cover, although some companies may not wish to offer cover or they may offer you a quote with an increased premium to cover the perceived increased risk to your life from your day to day occupation.

High risk occupations that need to be considered include miners, professional airline pilots, professional sportsmen and sportswomen, steeplejacks, aerial riggers and any whose jobs require them to work 'at height', police officers, offshore divers and off-shore riggers.

All it means is that your life insurance cover could potentially be on a different basis from the majority of ‘standard’ risk clients and require to pay more for your life insurance cover. It may also mean that you might have to accept lower levels of cover. In some cases the cover offered might have exclusions placed on it.

"I'm an aerial rigger and although I operate only at domestic roofing heights, my life company wanted full details, which is fair enough."

QuoteRack will submit your information to a specialist financial advisor who knows the life insurance market and who understands your particular circumstances regarding your higher risk job. They will contact you to discuss your requirements and to offer financial advice appropriate to your high risk occupation.


"As a professional pilot and despite the excellent safety record, I can understand why my life insurance premiums are slightly more than a sedentary worker."