Non-Standard Mortgage Protection Insurance

Life insurance for mortgage applicants with a poor credit history

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Many people can find themselves in difficulties with mortgage or other loan repayments, which can result in a bad credit rating and potentially the need for non-standard mortgage protection in the future. When you apply for a new mortgage or re-mortgage this might be refused, even though the problems are in the past. Despite the credit crunch, however, there are specialist mortgage lenders who will consider such cases and in the event that a mortgage is granted, an appropriate non-standard mortgage protection policy would normally be required.

Non-Standard Mortgage Protection Insurance

With an IVA and previous CCJ's against my name, I knew my credit rating was poor - but I still needed a mortgage and life insurance for mortgage protection

If you have experienced previous financial difficulties and are now considering taking out a mortgage, your mortgage provider - bank, building society or other specialist mortgage lender - will likely ask you to take out a life insurance policy to cover a non-standard mortgage.

QuoteRack life insurance advisers are specialists who have experience with bad credit history mortgages and may be able to assist you with an appropriate life insurance policy for your mortgage.

You can submit your details online through QuoteRack and this information will go directly to an independent financial adviser who will contact you directly to discuss your circumstances, including the type of mortgage that you have and the level of specialist mortgage protection life insurance cover you require.

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