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If you have been declined, refused or previously rejected for life insurance, you will probably be aware that the life insurance industry is structured to offer competitive terms to the vast majority of the public. Most clients have unremarkable medical histories and are not involved in occupations or activities that might be considered dangerous and hazardous and would thererfore be unlikely to be refused life insurance as a result. For this group finding competitively priced life assurance is relatively easy. People who do not fall into this group and who may have had their requests for life insurance cover previously refused or declined, require specialised help and appraisal. Ultimately they may find it difficult to obtain competitively priced life cover.

Previously Rejected for Life Insurance

I had been previously rejected for life insurance due to undisclosed health issues but these were in the past. I didn't feel the life insurance company had any reason to refuse my request for life cover.

Why have I been refused life insurance?

There are several reasons why a life insurance company might decline to offer you a quotation for life insurance cover. These can include:

  • Your age, high risk occupation or family health history do not meet the insurer's underwriting criteria
  • A existing medical condition disclosed during your life insurance application is not acceptable by the insurer
  • You have previously been declined by another life insurer
  • You fail to disclose a medical condition during your life insurance application, which the insurer then finds out about from your GP
  • You have disclosed a history of alcohol, drug or substance abuse
  • You have recently had a major operation
  • You participate in extreme sports or a dangerous hobby

Which medical conditions might affect my life insurance application?

There are many medical conditions that might affect your application, and in many cases, these will be referred to the life insurer's underwriters for an individual assessment of your application. Just because you have one of the following conditions does not mean that your life insurance application will be refused. The premium that you are quoted might be loaded or increased to take account of any of the following:

  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Blood or protein in your urine
  • Hepatitis
  • High cholesterol, triglycerides or lipid levels
  • High blood sugar levels
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Obesity or raised BMI
  • Previous history of cancer
  • Previous history of liver malfunction

Will the life insurance company tell me the reason for refusing cover?

It is not always automatic that a life insurance company will provide you with their reasons for turning down your life insurance application. It does not prevent you from approaching them and asking for their reasons. They might not tell you, or they might give you a general idea behind their decision.

What are my options after I have been refused life insurance?

Each case is unique and a lot will depend upon your age and the reasons behind you being refused life insurance.

If you are unaware of the reasons behind the refusal, it's not always straightforward to decide how best to proceed. One key thing not to do is to fire off applications to a number of different life insurers, maybe changing some of the information that you supplied in your original application, in the hope that another insurer might approve your application and grant cover. This could result in serious consequences for your next of kin if, after you pass away, the insurer discovers that you made a false 'material non-disclosure' during your application.

The best way to proceed is to approach an independent financial adviser, who is familiar with cases of life insurance refusals. They will be able to guide you through the best way forward and approach the insurer, if any, who might willing to consider your individual circumstances.

How can QuoteRack help me?

QuoteRack works closely with an independent financial adviser who is experienced in helping people who have had their life insurance application declined or rejected. Completing our brief, online form will submit your details directly to the IFA and he will contact you to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

Frequently asked questions

Should I consider a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy?

You might have seen these types of life insurance policy advertised on TV. Generally aimed at those seeking life insurance for those aged over 50, there is no reason why you should rule one of these policies out. However, all questions asked during their application process should be answered correctly.

What steps can I take to ensure my life insurance application is accepted?

Once you have been declined life insurance, your options are undoubtedly more limited than you would like.

However, to give you the best chance of another refusal, you should ensure that all the information you provide to either your IFA or your insurer is correct, accurate and up to date.

If the reason for your life insurance rejection is lifestyle based, you could consider making changes to your hobby, your smoking, drug or alcohol intake or maybe losing weight.

What are my next steps to obtaining life insurance after a refusal?

Complete the online quotation request form that you will find after you click the 'GET A QUOTE' button. You will be contacted by QuoteRack's FCA approved and regulated independent financial adviser, who will guide you through the steps necessary after you have been rejected for life insurance.

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