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High risk occupation life insurance requires the attention, knowledge and experience of specialists in providing life insurance for high risk jobs. It is probably self-evident to suggest that office workers are statistically less likely to be seriously injured or killed at work than builders, roofers, scaffolders, offshore workers or firefighters. It is unlikely that having a high-risk occupation would universally exclude you from obtaining life insurance cover, although some companies may not wish to offer cover or they may offer you a quote with an increased premium to cover the perceived increased risk to your life from your day to day occupation.

Why do I need high risk occupation life insurance?

If your job exposes you to risks that other, 'normal' occupations don't, then an insurance company considering your eligibility for life insurance will look at the various factors that might lead to an increased likelihood of a claim on your life insurance policy earlier or sooner than someone of the same age and health profile who is working in a more conventional job.

These factors may mean that the premium you are quoted for life cover is higher than for life insurance for the equivalent 'normal' worker in a standard job.

High-risk occupation life insurance

Life insurance cover can be more difficult to find if your job carries a higher injury or death risk. QuoteRack explains how you can find the best advice and quotes

What are high risk occupations?

For the purposes of life insurance, high risk occupations include:

  • Aerial riggers
  • Armed forces personnel
  • Construction workers 'at height'
  • Deep sea divers
  • Farmers
  • Firefighters
  • Miners
  • Offshore rig workers
  • Paramedics and ambulance crew
  • Pilots
  • Police officers
  • Professional sportsmen and women
  • Scaffolders and roofers
  • Security guards
  • Steeplejacks
  • Welders

How does my occupation affect my life insurance premium?

Life insurance companies will always consider a range of factors when underwriting someone's application for life insurance. For those applying for high risk occupation life insurance, these factors will often include:

  • Your occupation
  • Details of previous accidents or incidents related to your occupation
  • Whether you smoke or take recreational drugs
  • Your age, height and weight
  • Your existing and previous health record
  • Your exposure to risk of injury or death from your occupation
  • Your regular place of work
  • Your relevant experience and expertise
  • Your weekly alcohol units' intake

Frequently asked questions

If you are considering taking out life insurance and having regard to your higher risk occupation, there may be answers to some of your questions here:

How can QuoteRack help?

There are many life insurance companies in the UK and each will assess an application for life cover in its own way, often arriving at different premiums and terms for the same person's circumstances. QuoteRack will pass your details directly to a specialist independent financial adviser who is familiar with the requirements and attitudes of the different insurers and who, based on your individual circumstances, will be the most appropriate to approach for a quotation for your life insurance cover.

Can I process my life insurance application by phone and email?

It's usually best to discuss your life cover requirements, the sum insured and term of the policy, with your financial adviser. This can be done over the phone and information passed between you by email.

The independent financial adviser will be pleased to discuss with you any questions you might have, including:

  • Can I get life insurance cover for my high risk occupation?
  • Will I need a medical before I can get a quote for life insurance cover?
  • What other information will I need to provide before getting a life insurance quote?
  • Am I under any obligation to proceed if I fill out your online form?
  • Does obtaining a quote cost me anything?

As you would expect, you are under no obligation to proceed with an application for a quote for high risk occupation life insurance, nor is there any cost.

What other types of life insurance should I consider?

Depending upon your personal circumstances, other types of life cover and protection to be considered include:

How do I get a quote for high-risk occupation life insurance?

To submit your details through QuoteRack, directly to an experienced, FCA-regulated independent financial adviser, please click the 'GET A QUOTE' button, which will take you to an online form that asks for some basic details.

You will then receive a call to discuss your requirements and to answer any queries you might have.

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