High Value Life Insurance

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High sum-insured life cover

For high net worth individuals seeking high value life insurance, submitting your details to FCA-regulated financial advisers is available now through QuoteRack. We work closely with specialist life insurance intermediaries who will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances with discretion and understanding.

You will be contacted directly by phone by a financial adviser to discuss your life insurance requirements, the level of life insurance cover you require and the term over which you want cover to remain in force.

For clients seeking large sum insured life cover, the IFA will enable your details to be submitted to a relevant insurance company, one that offers terms for these higher values

High Value Mortgage Protection

One of the more common reasons for higher value life cover is for those who have a larger than average mortgage on their property and require life insurance to cover the mortgage against the premature death of the mortgage holder. In these circumstances, there are options available to cover the whole term of the mortgage, providing either reducing cover as the mortgage value reduces or as a 'level term' life policy.

"I needed life cover for a large sum insured - my home, my financial commitments meant that I had to apply for a large value life insurance policy."

QuoteRack independent financial advisers are specialists who have experience with placing high value sums insured and will be able to help you obtain the right type of high sum insured life insurance cover for your particular financial circumstances.


"Insuring your life for a high value is easier than you might expect - expert and independent financial advice is available through QuoteRack."

"To submit your details directly to a specialist financial adviser who will be able to guide you through the process of securing higher value life insurance cover, simply click the 'GET A QUOTE' button above."

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