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QuoteRack is a unique service. We want to give you the best specialist insurance service possible and your opinions and feedback are critical. Please give us you feedback by completing a testimonial.

Customer Testimonials

A small snapshot of the hundreds of testimonials that we've received since QuoteRack launched are shown below.

"I have found this service very helpful, I received a quotation which I am going ahead with. As well as saving me a lot of money the whole thing was sorted quickly and professionally, I will recommend it to my friends, many thanks." Mrs M.L., Cumbria

Margaret Lewis found insurance for her property of non-standard construction using QuoteRack.

"I have found this service very helpful, I received a quotation which I am going ahead with. As well as saving me a lot of money the whole thing was sorted quickly and professionally, I will recommend it to my friends, many thanks."

Chris Barringer from Huntingdon is a disabled driver and appreciated the QuoteRack service.

"Quick and easy to follow forms, was a dream to fill out, thank you."

Johnny Bedford from Bingley needed American car insurance.

"QuoteRack is easy to use and very helpful!!!"

Kevin Simcox from Scarborough needed a limited milage policy for his Toyota Celica.

"Glad to see a site that gives you the opportunity to explain things like my previous road experience on a bike as this is usually completely overlooked, which is rediculous, so thank you!"

Simon Bates from East Kilbride was in need of leisure industry related insurance.

"If it's as easy as it seems, I'll be recommending QuoteRack to friends."

Stuart Ford from Umberleigh needed insurance for a home build of a non-standard construction.

"It's good to communicate with people who understand non traditional constructions."

Kevin Sharman from Oxfordshire needed insurance urgently for his property, ahead of an imminent exchange of contracts.

"Just to let you know that I have now found the insurance that I required. Many thanks for your assistance which certainly helped me out in the short time frame I had available."

Miss Linden Harvey from Staffordshire wanted insurance for her converted property.

"Great service, thanks. I was contacted the next day by a broker able to offer a good quote on non-standard buildings insurance."

Jeanette Ann Derham from Derbyshire was searching for Breeders Pet Insurance and found QuoteRack she said:

"Excellent website, so quick to complete the details it needed, and the brokers rang me... No waiting on the phone listening to 'Greensleeves' for hours on end! Superb."

Carole Brown from Gateshead was looking to insure her older pet:

"Really good service. Gives you the chance to explain things before you get a quote. My dog is coming up to 9 and this causes problems when trying to get insurance. He is in very good health and very fit for his age and has never had anysort of health problems. The QuoteRack website lets you explain all this."

Holly Griffiths from Gosport wanted to insure her Ford Puma:

"I used your website last year and this year it's even better. I like the improvements you have made. Feels more postive because you have entered more details so you know you won't have to tell everyone who phones your details over and over again."

Ryan Lecraw in South Wales wanted insurance for his Ford Mustang GT so he needed an american car insurance specialist:

"QuoteRack was quick and easy to follow."

Keith Oliver from Southampton found QuoteRack whilst looking for a service to help him find a great insurance quote for his motorcycle:

"The forms on the QuoteRack website are easy & very quick to complete."

Keith Finch from Plymouth wanted Chauffeur Hire Insurance

"Thank you for the quick and easy quote forms, all in plain language, with easy to understand details and requirements."

Neil Garrett from Maidenhead used 'Challenge QuoteRack' to help him find specialist insurance:

"I'm looking to insure an old black cab (Fairway model) for my personal use. This will not be used for any form of hire, just to clarify. I will doing limited mileage as this is only being purchased as novelty. My problem is that all 'standard' insurance sites do not have LTI (London Taxi International) as manufacturers and all taxi insurance sites are for people looking to insure for hire purposes. Can you please advise of any insurance companies that will provide me with cover? Thanks Neil. Challenge QuoteRack is a great idea for totally original insurance requirements."

Ali Ra from Manchester needed private hire car insurance for his Vauhall Vectra:

"I like the web site form. It was colourful and comprehensive. Normally it's boring to fill such forms in on the internet but due to colour scheme of the website and the easy of use I really liked it."

Albert Ramsay from Falkirk was looking for disabled driver car insurance:

"This was the easiest online form I have done! And you still got all the relevant information to pass on. Excellent!"

Nina Evans in London wanted to insure her left hand drive car and had been finding it really tricky:

"At last there is an online insurance price comparison site specifically for left hand drive cars, last year there was nothing! Thanks, Nina."

Tina Bemrose from Clifton was looking for grey import car insurance:

"QuoteRack was a very easy process. Best one yet!"

Julian Tomkins from Abingdon wanted to insure his personal import motorcycle:

"I liked the fact that I could write my own words instead of having to use a 'choose from below' selection system, which often excludes what my needs are."

Joshua Cripps from Selby was impressed by the quote he received:

"Very professional and a quote that was unbeatable! thanks QuoteRack!!